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Constanta. A history of challenges. Our services excel our market's challenge.

We’re moving to a new facility.

Our history is marked by ongoing challenges that contributed to our growth, for the continuous quality improvement of the products and services we offer and specially for you, our customer, you can count on a strong and reliable partner for your projects.
Learn a little about our history of challenges and success...

We’re a company in permanent evolution.  To help you overcome your challenges, we continuously invest in quality, services and customer service.
Following these principles, we’re investing in a new structure specially designed for the activities of the electronic components distribution business unit, seeking to optimize processes, control systems, traceability, logistics and supply chain...

We developed a range of services to add value to your business competitiveness.
We work to integrate supply and production processes by placing the component you need in the most efficient way for your production system, with the amount and lead-time you specify...
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