High dollar could lead the country to manufacture and export electronic components that are still imported.

Brasilia - The high dollar could lead the electronics industry to seek to replace the national components used in the assembly of imported equipment. According to the president of the Brazilian Association of Electrical and Electronics Industry (Abinee), Humberto Barbato, at first companies that already manufacture these components will benefit. But he adds that if the dollar continues at this level, between £ 2 and £ 2.20, medium-term Brazilian companies may not only start manufacturing components such as from improved competitiveness may cross the export them too.
In 2011, the electronics sector earned $ 138.1 billion in Brazil. "It is a satisfactory revenue, but how global is not restricted to production. Proof of this is that the IBGE [Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics] found a decrease of 2% in industrial activity in our industry. Therefore, this revenue is not all good because 20% of it was derived from imports, "he said. "What portrays the situation of our industry currently is not profit, but the pace of industrial activity, which is not so good," he added.
Barbato explains that, in the electronics industry, a very large dependence on imported components. "Unfortunately, the industry of components for televisions, computers and cell phones is not installed in Brazil. But in the medium term, the exchange rate can help develop these components here too. But, for larger investments, our industry still lacks an industrial policy to clarify the decision of the country to develop the industrial point of view, "he said.
"The major global manufacturers want to buy quality and a good price component. If they identify it in Brazil certainly buy here. These companies do not have this strategic outlook to keep buying in the country where the array is installed. These are companies that, in practice, have no country. Brazil has to create situations that encourage their interest in buying here, also components for the assembly of products abroad, "explained the president of Abinee.


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