5S Program

Initial phase and base for implantation of the Constanta Quality System, the 5S methodology is called like this because of the first letter in 5 Japanese words: Seiri (utilization), Seiton (Housekeeping), Seiso (Cleaning), Shitsuke (Discipline) and Seiketsu (Higiene).
In the search for continuous improvement, Constanta Industrial launched in July 2015 the 5S Program with the purpose of discovering talents, mobilizing, motivating and aware the staff to the Total Quality philosophy.
For enhancement, in 2016 courses were taught, a new team of auditors was assembled, projects were implemented and awards were granted. Lectures, distribution of didactic material and confection of informative boards also contributed to the program’s success.

This phrase exemplifies the path crossed by Constanta and its employees. Create, motivate, conquer and maintain. It is this spirit that we seek relentlessly so that we can achieve excellency on our products and services towards our clients.


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