Our services excel our market’s challenges.
Our services add competitiveness to your company.
We work to integrate the processes of supply and production, placing the component you need in the most efficient way for your production system, the amount and time you specify.
Our permanent inventories guarantee the supply of their needs in times of fluctuating demand.
Count on our services to achieve your goals, to overcome your challenges.

Our national and International logistics services guarantee that you’re supplied with the components that you need in the conditions and lead-times your production demands. We develop suppliers, provide the bidding for air or sea freights and make local stocks, giving flexibility to your production volume. You save structure, time, burocracy, reduce your time-to-market and gain competitiveness.
Access to global electronic components suppliers

We offer privileged access to main suppliers in the US and Asia and make it easy to import from any of those locations guaranteeing safety and agility to all import operations.

We offer a complete kitting service so that you have less production costs and higher competitiveness. This service embraces supplying of components formatted according to your need and specifications, acquisition of mechanical components such as cables, enclosures and accessories. That way, you receive the components ready for use, making your production easier, saving space, time, administration, labor cost and insurance.

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